November 2, 2011

A Cool New Video from ZMan and Luke Clausen

I just came across a cool new video from ZMan and Luke Clausen, it's part of their "On the Water Pro TipZ".  I like this video for two major reasons; it's on my favorite lake, Lake Okeechobee and also because it features one of my new favorite baits; the Z Man PaddlerZ.  If you have ever fished down here in Florida, you know this style of bait is a must have.  Really, it should be a must for any grass fishing situation; no matter where you live.  One thing I like about this new bait is that it features the Elaztech plastic.  I really like this stuff, but especially when you are fishing a bait that usually gets torn up right away.  One tip I have is to use one of the new Kumho USA hooks with the Reaper Keeper.  It seems like it was made for Elaztech as it holds perfectly.  Enjoy the video!

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