November 30, 2011

T Brinks Fishing Christmas List Day 1 - The Snip by Boomerang Tool Company

Fishing tools and accessories never seem to get the credit they deserve.  There are so many types of pliers, clippers and scissors that help make fishing easier but most of them aren't fun or exciting...they are just tools. Usually for cutting fishing line I stick with a pair of nail clippers and it does very well for mono and fluoro, but with braid it often leaves it a shredded mess.  Until recently, I would always use a pair of scissors, but I found something better.

Boomerang Tools was at this year's ICAST show and was giving away samples of their new item called "The Snip".  Of course, I decided to try one but didn't really think much of it. One day I decided to actually take it out of the package and put it in my boat.  I love this thing now.

It cuts all line, but does espescially well with braided line, which for me was always a pain.  It cuts it evenly and without any issues at all.  I am sold on "The Snip" and now have two in my boat.  I keep one attached to a carabiner and clip it to my belt loop so it's ready to go.  I have another one attached to the inside of my storage area where I keep my terminal tackle and other lures.  It's always there for me and ready to go. 

It comes attached to a retractable cord that goes up to 36", which is just long enough to hand to a fishing partner and still keep it attached while they retie. To cut line is as simple as a squeeze of the aluminum handles that are on both sides of The Snip.  It comes in a few different models and they even have one with an LED light for cutting in dark conditions.  All of them come with a sharp, stainless steel cutters.  

Price/Value: 3
They retail for $11.95, which is more than quite a few pairs of nail clippers, but it also cuts much better. The fact that is cuts braid evenly and clean every time is worth the cost.
Durability: 4
The only thing I would worry about with a tool is that they become dull or rusty.  With the stainless steel cutters and sharp blades, this should last a long time. So far so good, I have not seen any issues with this product.
Performance: 4
Very easy to use and cuts perfect every time.
Innovation: 4
A unique tool that is unlike anything else I have seen.
Availability: 3
They can be on several sites online, and some local and chain tackle stores. I have a feeling all of the big chains will be carrying this soon.

Total Score: 18  - Good Buy!
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