December 1, 2011

T Brinks Fishing Christmas List Day 2 - Rapala Touch Screen Tournament Scale

Few things in tournament fishing are as important as properly culling. In order to do it right, you have to have all the right tools. Probably the most important of all is a good quality scale that is not only accurate, but consistent.  The Rapala Digital Touch Screen Tournament Scale is the perfect scale because you can do so much with it.  Of course it weighs fish, but it also keeps the weights of your fish saved so you can easily see what fish is the smallest and also get a total weight for your tournament limit.  My last tournament was very close in weights as myself and two others were all within about .25lbs of each other.  I ended up ahead of the others and cashed a check.  I don't know if it made the difference or not, but the scale weighs in hundredths of a pound, so I know my culling was as accurate as I could have been going to the weigh-in.

This technology has been around for years and until now it was very expensive to have a scale that is capable of doing this for you, but not any longer. This scale (and complete culling system) will cost you less than $50.

I have been using it to weigh my fish for a few months now and have been really pleased with how easy it is to use, store fish weights and replace smaller fish with bigger ones. The whole system is touch screen and is very easy to navigate. Just by looking at the buttons or looking at the guide that is included inside the storage bag, you can figure out how do to any of the features. One other thing I really like is the heavy duty weight clip that has proven itself with fish close to seven pounds.  They stay secure on the clip and don't move at all.

Besides storing the weights of up to eight fish, the scale also has a temperature gauge and also has a back light for low light conditions.

The scale also comes with eight numbered floats with clips for easy identification of your fish.  The clips and floats are great, but this is probably the biggest drawback of the scale in my opinion.  I hate punching  holes in the fish or sliding the clips under the gills, but I still find myself doing it since the clips that come with this system do not hold on tight enough.  Unless your fish are peaceful and silent in the livewells (which mine never are), then you risk the fish shaking free of the clips.  Besides that, I have no complaints about this scale and culling system.
You can see my video review of the scale below:

Price/Value: 5
I don't give out many 5's but I think this scale and culling system is a great price and worth every penny.
Durability: 4
It's waterproof, sturdy and looks like it's built to last.
Performance: 4
Easy to use with plenty of features. I wish the culling floats were better, but I still use the ones I have been using for years.
Innovation: 3
It's not so much innovative as this is technology that has been around, but it brought the technology down in price.
Availability: 4
I have seen it on several online tackle stores and since it is made by Rapala you can most likely find it in your area.

Total Score: 20  - Must Have!
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