December 21, 2011

Lowrance has done it again

It amazes me every time I see the newest trends in electronics; phones, cameras and computers all continue to get better and better.  Marine electronics are no different and the technology just seems to get more advanced each month.  I am a huge fan of my Lowrance HDS units and everything they are capable of, but they just took it to another level with the new Gen2 units.  

They increased the processing speed and made some features easier to use, but the biggest thing they did was add to an already solid technology with something they call StructureMap, which allows the structure scan images to be integrated with the mapping software.  Now you can actually follow all of those contour lines with structure scan and actually see what it looks like in relation to the map.  This is starting to look more and more like a video game, but I'm all for it.  Check out this video demo to see more of what Gen2 is capable of.  

All I can say is: what's next?

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