February 20, 2012

Another Lake Okeechobee Weekend

After my debacle last weekend I should feel pretty good about this weekend that just happened, but I really don't.  I really struggled during the BFL and it could be due to many reasons; the fact I had no practice for the event, my decisions during the day, the fishing pressure in my areas.  I could make excuses but I just did bad Saturday and weighed in a limit only weighing six pounds even.  I finished 149th out of 200 and now sit pretty low in the points.  I think this was the last BFL for me for this year as I should probably put my time and effort into some other events while I still can this season.

The good news was I had a club tournament the next day and had no pressure, no worries and really no expectations for the day.  The day started off really well and I caught a 6.65lb fish on a shaky head on my second cast.  I was fishing in an area known as the rim ditch and caught the fish on a Taylor Man's Custom Lures Shaky Man's jighead with a trick worm. I fished it on a spinning rod with 8lb Seaguar AbrazX.  The fish was around some brush in the water and jumped two or three times and wrapped me up around a log once and that line still held on.  I was shaking when I finally got that fish in.  Moments like that are exactly why I fish.

6.65lbs Lake Okeechobee

I ended up with only four fish for 10.50lbs and could have really used a fifth fish as it probably would have moved me up to check range, but oh well.  I did end up getting second big fish and a little cash.  

Weekends like this make me want to get right back out there and try it again.

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