February 9, 2012

The Big O was Big and Lewisville was tough!

I was pretty excited about the two events going on today since I know a few people fishing both of them.  The FLW Tour Open was a little more exciting for me since it is the lake I fish the most and due to the fact that I'm headed over there this weekend.  The Bassmaster Central Open on Lewisville was expected to be tough and it was.

Photo: FLWOutdoors.com
Randall Tharp shows everyone why you punch mats.
Looking at the Lewisville results I was surprised at the number of people who zeroed, but even more surprised to see guys like Gary Klein and Rick Clunn coming back empty handed. Now that's tough!

Okeechobee showed up in a big way.  Two bags over 33lbs...wow.  It was funny to see Brandon McMillan and Randall Tharp so close in weight after being 1,2 last year.  Looks like that punchin' pattern was working today.  I think their success has changed the way I will fish this weekend.  I hope to make it over there for the weigh-in Sat and Sunday, so watch for pics and hopefully videos on here and on my YouTube channel.

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