February 7, 2012

A Review of the Taylor Man's Super Spin "Elite"

The spinnerbait has been around for years and the list of companies who make one is almost as long as the number of bass caught on them over the years.  We all know they work and I doubt there is any bass fisherman in the country who doesn't have a huge selection of blades in their tackle collection.  Since everyone makes one, the choice of brands and features are endless.

One company that has made it their pledge to make on the best quality baits on the market is Taylor Man’s Custom Lures.  I have been lucky enough to review a buzzbait, swim jig and shaky head jig from them and have been beyond impressed with each of the offerings I have used.  Their Super Spin "Elite" spinnerbait is no different and takes a classic design and uses the best materials available to make a top notch bass catcher.

I could go on and on about the features and materials used in the spinnerbait, but the biggest question is does it catch fish?  The answer is yes.  I fished the bait over a few weekends and was impressed with the way the bait swam right out of the package.  I was able to catch quite a few fish on this spinnerbait and the stainless steel wire has held up and the tied skirt made it possible to continue fishing without adjusting after each fish.  I also liked the trailer keeper to secure the split tail trailers I like to use. The Super Spin "Elite" comes in two sizes in the tandem model: 3/8oz and 1/2oz

Now for those features:
  • Gamakatsu Hooks (4/0 in 3/8oz and 5/0 in the 1/2 oz model)
  • Hi-Tech paint finishes that won’t chip, crack or fade.
  • Sleek head design with flared gills and 3D eyes
  • Bait keeper barb, to hold the trailer 
  • Sampo stainless steel swivels
  • 24k gold and nickel finishes on the blades
  • DW Shallow Cup blades (designed to spin at fast or slower speeds)

Scoring for the Taylor Man's Super Spin "Elite" Spinnerbait

Price/Value: 4
At $7.99, this is about what you can expect from a spinnerbait of this quality.  Compared with other premium spinnerbaits, this price is less than some and more than others;  just about right considering the quality components.
Durability: 4
Again, quality components go a long way.  Sampo swivels and Gamakatsu hooks are known for top performance and durability.  The hand tied skirts ensure that the skirt will last as long as possible.  From my experience, the skirt is the first thing to go.  Having it hand tied will make it more durable in my opinion. The head is painted using a Hi-Tech paint that won't chip, crack or fade.
Performance: 4
Runs true right out of the package, and the Sampo swivels ensure that this will spin for a LONG time.
Innovation: 3
It would be hard for me to give just about any spinnerbait a score above three, like I said: everyone makes one.
Availability: 3
Select dealers and also at tmclures.com

Total Score: 18  - Good Buy!

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