March 9, 2012

2 in 1 Review: Damiki Air Craw and Mausrin Jig

Damiki has been making a name for themselves for the past few years.  They came onto the scene a few years ago and are continuing to go strong.  Their partnership with FLW Outdoors, FLW Pro Bryan Thrift and several other key moves have shown the American fishing world that they are for real.  I have been using several of their baits lately and have really enjoyed fishing them.  The first two items I will be reviewing are perfect compliments for each other in my opinion.  The Damiki Air Craw and Mausrin Jig.  Both of these could easily be used with different terminal tackle or another soft plastic, but to me they are a perfect fit.

The Damiki Air Craw is a unique soft plastic bait.  Like the name implies it is a crawfish imitator, but the "air" is what really seperates this craw from all of the other crustacean imitators on the market.  In fishing this bait for a few trips, I have really come to appreciate the action the craws provide.  By having hollow craws that trap air inside, the effect is always a straight up defense position for your bait.  It was cool to fish this in shallow water and watch as you stop fishing it on the bottom, almost immediately the craws bounced right up and were ready to be eaten.

The shape, material used and compact size make it a great choice for pitching into heavy cover.  I could also see if being used on a Carolina-rig, shaky head, or even as a trailer for jig.  Another idea was to use it as a bed fishing tool for spawning bass.

It comes in two sizes, the 3" and 4" and seven colors.  As I said earlier, it is a great compliment for the Mausrin Jig.

The Mausrin Jig is an interesting concept for a jighead.  It is somewhat of a bullet shaped head design with a hook attached to a split ring.  Like another popular new technique, the Jig Rig, it causes a unique action as the bait is either swam back in or fished on the bottom.  I immediately thought it would be good for a craw imitator because of the erratic action it provides.  

It could also be used as an alternative for a shaky head as way to get a different action.  I liked everything about it, except the size of the hook.  I realize this is a finesse type bait but the hook was still pretty small.  It does come in three sizes and three colors, and in it's defense, the bigger sizes do have bigger hooks.  If you really wanted a bigger hook you could switch it out as the jig and hook are attached by a split ring. The colors are black, camo and brown.  The weight sizes are 1/8oz, 1/4oz and the bigger 1/2oz model.  No matter how you fish this jig, it will give you a new action on your soft plastics.

Overall, this was a cool new set-up to use and I caught my share of fish on the Air Craw/Mausrin combo. 

Scoring for the Damiki Air Craw
Price/Value: 3
At $5.79 for a pack of 8 or 10, it may seem a little high, but I feel it is worth it.  The baits do hold up pretty well.
Durability: 4
The plastic is a good combination of being soft yet also durable.  I was able to catch multiple fish on the same bait and not have any issues with the action.
Performance: 4
You can do so much with this little craw and the action is definitely something new for me (and the fish)
Innovation: 4
There are other baits that use air to their advantage, but I believe Damiki has perfected it here.
Availability: 3
Damiki dealers, a few places online and

Total Score: 18  - Good Buy!

Scoring for the Damiki Mausrin Jig

Price/Value: 3
They retail for $5.49 per pack of three, which is a little high for a small jig head.  I believe the action and quality components make the price justified.
Durability: 4
No issues at all.  The paint held up well after banging it up against rocks. 
Performance: 4
It scoots and shakes from side to side give your soft plastics a nice change in appearance.
Innovation: 3
There are so many new jigheads coming out now, but the innovation is still there.  There is nothing quite like the Mausrin.
Availability: 3
Damiki dealers, a few places online and TackleWarehouse

Total Score: 17  - Good Buy!

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