March 27, 2012

Are you one of us? The Bass Brigade launches new site

I've been a big fan of the Bass Brigade since the beginning.  The style, the message and the movement of this group of guys really appeals to the younger generation of bass fishermen.  I grew up fishing in the urban ponds of Las Vegas and this fishing style has stayed with me as I progressed as a bass fisherman.  The Bass Brigade epitomizes urban fishing and what I lived as I was growing up.  With a huge following on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere online, they are proof that we are not alone...urban bass fishing is more popular than ever.

The Bass Brigade continues to launch new designs for clothing and also recently launched a new website.  It's very interactive and has a bunch of things to check out.  Whether you are an urban angler or a not, you can learn something from them.  Make sure to check out the new line of shirts below and don't forget to visit their new website.

Are you one of us?

“Seek and Deploy. Cast and Destroy.”

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