March 27, 2012

Get ready for the Damiki Monster Miki

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Damiki Air Craw and Mausrin jig;  I was really impressed with the design and innovation of these two products and they both scored high on my scale.  As I mentioned I would be reviewing more items from Damiki.

Get ready for the Monster Miki.

The Damiki Monster Miki is a crazy looking bait, there is no other way to describe it.  It comes in three sizes; 2.5", 4.5" and 6.5". For my review I chose to use the 6.5" in a junebug color.  Right away I knew this thing would have some great action in the water. Even though it's just 6.5 inches long it looks much bigger in the water due to all of the moving appendages (12 to be exact.)

My first impression once I started fishing it wasn't that great honestly.  It moved and undulated under the water and swam great, but I just thought it looked odd.  It may have looked a little weird, but the fish were tearing it up.  I caught several fish on it the two trips I took where I fished this bait exclusively.

The biggest problem I had was hooking fish.  With so many appendages, my thought was that it was smaller fish grabbing pieces of the bait and swimming off with it.  The good news was that everyone I caught was a good one.  This is truly a big fish bait in the large size and you won't have to mess with the smaller fish.  I would like to try the smaller sizes on a Carolina-rig as I think they would be perfect.

I fished the bigger one on a 1/8 oz Eco Pro Tungsten weight in junebug and 5/0 hook.  It was a good size hook for this bait and the lighter weight really made it fall slowly.  I had my best luck bouncing it slowly along the bottom around dock pilings, but it would do just as good fished around rocks or vegetation.

Scoring for the Damiki Monster Miki

Price/Value: 3
At $5.99 for a pack of 8.  It seems about right for what you are getting.
Durability: 2
I had a few baits that came back with missing pieces after getting bit.
Performance: 4
Really a neat action underwater.  The soft plastic makes it swim really well.
Innovation: 4
A nice twist on a creature bait.  I haven't seen anything like it.
Availability: 3
Damiki dealers, a few places online and

Total Score: 16  - Good Buy!
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