March 6, 2012

Fishing Marathon Complete!

It has been a few days since I have posted anything on here.  The reason is because I was fishing for five days straight with my old tournament partner from WA State.  We had a blast and got to fish all over Central Florida.  It was literally a fishing marathon, we were on the water from sunup to sundown each day all the way until he had to leave for the airport. Although the fishing wasn't great, we had fun catching up and exploring new waters.

He flew into Orlando, so we decided to fish that area to maximize our time on the water.  I picked him up from the hotel at around 2pm and we were on Lake Toho well before 3.  We were on the water for about two minutes before Wes hooked into this fish on a spinnerbait.  He must have thought Florida fishing was easy.  Unfortunately it slowed down quite a bit after that.

Day 2 we spent the entire time on the Kissimmee Chain.  We were greeted with some very thick fog and decided to fish close to the ramp before fishing the rest of Toho and locking into Cypress and also fishing Hatchineha.  We caught fish but nothing spectacular.  

A foggy start to the morning

I did catch this one on a Z-Man Grass KickerZ.

Since the fishing was so slow on the Kissimmee Chain, we headed over to John's Lake one day and the Butler Chain of Lakes the next day.  I had never seen either of these places and it was cool trying to figure them out without any history of the lakes.  We again caught fish, but nothing too great.  The windy conditions and cold front moving in didn't help but we managed to catch a few on spinnerbaits, ten inch worms and pitching the Kissimmee grass edges.

We spent yesterday on Toho and really struggled.  Wes got to see first hand what a cold front does to bass in Florida.  We went from record highs in the high 80's to overnight temps in the 40's within two days.  That affects all bass... especially in Florida!

Overall it was an awesome time getting to fish with an old friend and learn some new lakes.  Next time it's Okeechobee!

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