March 22, 2012

My Marshal Experience - Okeechobee

I got the chance to ride as a marshal today at the Bassmaster Elite Series event on Okeechobee.  I hadn't planned on doing it but they had an opening at the last minute and I was on a boat with Chris Zaldain.  I had heard about his rise to the Elites and have even written an article about him, so it was pretty cool to get to meet him and see him fish.  I enjoyed the day even though he boat flipped a fish into my chest (true story).  It was about a ten incher and it made us laugh more than anything.

Without talking too much about what he was doing; I will say I learned ALOT about fishing.  It is really neat to be able to see how these pros approach a lake that you know.  If they come to your home it!  

Here are a few pics for the day.

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