April 4, 2012

A Bait that Makes Bass Tremor

So far I've reviewed three Damiki items, the Mausrin Jig, Air Craw and Monster Miki. All have been quality, dependable fish catchers for me so far.  Next up is a hard bait from Damiki, the Tremor 65 Lipless Crankbait.

There are so many good lipless crankbaits out there that it is hard for me to get excited about them.  The quality finishes and realistic look on this style of baits is light years ahead of the old school Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap.  The baits come in both silent and rattling and in many sizes.  The Tremor is no different and the options are endless for this tried and true bait style.  I chose a more traditional bait for this review; the 65 size is 1/2 ounce and I chose a color called American Shad.  Also, I picked the rattling version over the silent.

Fishing this bait was just like any other good quality lipless.  The weight transfer system makes this bait cast a mile.  I was really surprised how far I could cast it for being a standard half ounce size.  Another cool thing about the weigh system is that it allows the bait to basically stand up on the bottom.  I tried this in some shallower water and it was pretty neat what you can do with it.  I found this to be a good technique for ripping it off the bottom once in a while.  I varied this with the standard cast and reel retrieve and caught fish both ways.

Scoring for the Damiki Tremor 65

Price/Value: 4
$8.99 is actually on the very low end of what I consider the quality lipless baits.
Durability: 2
I thrashed this bait fishing some riprap on Okeechobee before it started to lose any paint.  It was still a good quality finish below the first layer.  
Performance: 4
I like the ability to fish it nose down on the bottom and rip it through the grass.
Innovation: 3
The weight transfer system is a great innovation, but besides that it is like other baits in the same category.
Availability: 3
Damiki dealers, a few places online and TackleWarehouse.com

Total Score: 16  - Good Buy!
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