April 5, 2012

12 inches of Power

Back in the day (the 90's I guess), the 10 inch Power Worm was one of my go-to baits.  It never let me down.  At the time, living in Nevada, this thing seemed like the biggest worm ever.  I was used to using small finesse worms and the ten inch seemed like I was deep sea fishing.  Now that I have lived and fished in Florida, ten inches is downright average.  Good thing there is a new 12 inch Berkley Power Worm.  

I just got a pack in the mail and can't wait to get out and throw this thing around on Lake Okeechobee.  Fishing the big worms on a Texas-rig is definitely one of my favorite ways to fish.  It catches a bunch of fish (big and small).

Has anyone tried a truly big worm: 12 inches plus?  Let me know.  Also, what hook do you guys like for these monster worms.

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