June 7, 2012

Alabama Rig For Walleye?

The innovation from the Alabama Rig phenomenon continues. In the bass market, there are multiple versions and designs. I just saw a new version designed for walleye and thought it might work well for bass closer to the bottom.  

What do you think? Would it work for bass? I would switch out the baits, but the bottom walker style might be good for deeper water.

Here is part of the press release:

The Alabama Rig®, a patent pending product that revolutionized bass fishing methods and then moved into the salt water market, will now be available to walleye fishermen with the addition of The Alabama Rig® III.

Andy Poss, inventor of The Alabama Rig® and Mann’s Bait Company announce the introduction of The Alabama Rig® III.  Specifically designed for Walleye, The Alabama Rig® III features 2 wires for lure attachments and a third, heavier wire with a bottom bouncing weight. The Alabama Rig® III will be available in weights of one ounce and two ounces.   

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