June 29, 2012

ICAST Best in Show Prediction

ICAST is coming up soon and one of the highlights of the show is the Best in Show Awards. The European version of ICAST, EFTTEX recently took place and that is usually a good indicator of what new items are coming out and which ones might win the American award. My prediction is that a new Rapala bait will catch the attention of Americans, it's called the Balsa XTreme Minnow.  Here is more about the new bait via angling-international.com.

Combining the unmatched responsiveness of balsa with rugged durability of plastic, the new Rapala BX Minnow opens a new era in fishing lures.

The Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow is manufactured with a new, patent-pending construction that uses a tough, transparent plastic shell to encapsulate a balsa wood inner body. The perfectly balanced balsa core, with precision placed weights, gives the lure a lively, super responsive action that can only be achieved with balsa.

The copolymer outer shell allows ultimate toughness and life-like finishes with 3D scales, lateral line and gill plates. A combination of metallic, translucent and painted finishes are unlike anything seen on balsa lures before, adds Rapala.

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