June 21, 2012

Protect Your Boat with a KeelShield

If you want to protect your boat from damage there are numerous ways to do it.  One thing that I now swear by is the KeelShield made by KS Marine Products.  When I got my Legend Alpha 199 last year; I looked around, I asked my friends and I did research online as to what keel protection was the best.  The answer was always the KeelShield. There are other similar products on the market, but for me it came down to the company's reputation, the durability and the quality product.

I gave them a call because I wasn't sure what size I needed for my boat and they were very helpful in recommending both the right size as well as the color that would look best on my boat.  From there, I got the KeelShield and had it installed by my dealer. Looking back and after watching some videos on it, I could have been easily installed it myself, but I was having some work done and had them do everything at once.

Now after months of using it, I know that I made a good choice in getting one.  I have beached my boat on sand, rocks, concrete ramps and everything else I have found and it still looks brand new.

In addition to the quality product, they also have an unmatched warranty "100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to the original purchaser. A Lifetime Warranty covering adhesion and abrasion wear through." That is unheard of.  Even though you will most likely never need it, it's nice to have that extra piece of mind from your purchase.

You can see my video of some of the reasons I like the KeelShield here.

Scoring for the KeelShield
Price/Value: 4
Prices vary depending on the size you need, but on average you can expect to spend around $180.  Other brands are a little less and some are more. 
Durability: 4
Have not had an issue with it at all for durability.  They have an interesting lab test available on their website from an independent group that proves they last longer.
Performance: 5
Very easy to install and does not affect the performance of the boat.  I have beached my boat everywhere with no problems.
Innovation: 3
They make a great product that is improved on other designs.
Availability: 4
KeelShield.com and numerous online and local stores.

Total Score: 20 - Must Have!
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