August 13, 2012

The Real Fish Bait Co. Hard Hitch Swimbait

Real Fish Bait Co. has been coming out with several new designs over the past year or so. I did a review of one of their swimbaits almost two years ago and liked the quality of the product and colors.  I think they have really taken it to the next level with their new designs.  I espescially liked the new hard series of swimbaits.  The one I have had most luck with and the one that I think swims the best is the 6.5" Hard Hitch.

It's a jointed swimbait with five sections.  As you can imagine, this many joints make it swim very good under water.  I have had success fishing it almost like a wake bait and also like a jerkbait.  Both of these actions look great and when alternated you can get some cool action with it. Check them out at, they are priced right at $14.99 and have some great colors.

Real Fish Bait Hard Hitch only $14.99

Great detail on these baits

I liked the added red coloring here

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