August 7, 2012

The Double Death Shimmer!

I've been a Death Shimmer fan for a few years now.  It was one of my first product reviews over two years ago and I knew it was going to be big.  Since then, I've seen more and more people talk about it, Cabela's started to carry it, and it has been in some major magazines.  My hunch was right and I think it's here to stay.  

Now they have a new version....the double bladed version.  I was lucky enough to get a prototype of the bait and have been playing around with it for a few days.  The original version became so popular because of the vibration, but honestly the double blade is even better.  I was fishing it and it almost felt like I had a fish on at times and it was just the blades vibrating!  It will be out in approximately four to six weeks.  You will like it...I know it.

First fish on the Double Bladed Death Shimmer

Fish #2 came right after #1

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