September 26, 2012

First Trip Back in the NW

We hit Long Lake in Spokane, WA today for some fall fishing.  Tanya, myself and our dogs got on the water and were greeted with 41 degree temps and fog as we took off.  Having been in Florida for over four years, it was a rude awakening.

We caught fish pretty much all day and on whatever we threw, but didn't catch too many big ones.  I caught a 4+ largemouth around a fallen tree on a drop shot and 6lb test Seaguar Tatsu.  I probably would have been more scared if I knew how big it was before it was right by the boat.

I caught numerous smallmouth, but most were very small.  I couldn't locate the good sized ones this lake is known for, but this was one of the better ones.  My dogs were pretty intrigued.

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