September 27, 2012

Lock-n-Haul Means No Worries

We made quite a trip last week, moving from South Florida to Washington State.  A direct route is over 3,000 miles, but we made it even longer.  After all of our pit stops, fishing stops and visiting family; my truck had an extra 4,248 miles on it's odometer.  All of these miles were with my Legend in tow.  We went up and down mountains and across vast highways, it got pretty sketchy at times. One of the worst was driving down into the valley that Sedona, AZ sits in; switch backs, narrow roads and a drop of about 3,000 feet.  We stopped there for a bit to do some sightseeing.  Through it all, my Lock-n-Haul universal transom saver held up great and I never once worried about my Mercury.  Each time we would stop for gas, I did the walk around: checked the tires, boat cover, tie down straps and the Lock-n-Haul.  It was solid every time!  

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