December 15, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 15 - Hoo-Rag

The use of multi-purpose face protection continues to grow.  If you talk to anglers in states like Florida, you will see that just about everyone uses them.  They are a great way to protect against the sun, wind and even the cold.  I honestly couldn't see myself not using the, especially when the sun is the brightest during the summer.  I have found that I get less sunburned and feel more refreshed after a day on the water.

I have used a few different brands and really like the Hoo-rag.  They come in plenty of patterns and they do not have a seam.  Some of the cheaper versions have a visible seam that will big you beyond belief when it's on your face.  Check out Hoo-rag at, they retail for just $14.95 each.

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