December 20, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 20 - Missile Baits D Bomb

Missile Baits has taken the fishing world by storm. With a whole line of new products designed by Elite Series pro John Crews, they got my attention early this year and kept it throughout. Ish Monroe showed the world the D Bomb could win a major tournament when he won on Okeechobee.  I used it a bunch in Florida and also in Washington State and despite the regional differences, the bass loved it in both places.

I like the D Bomb because of all the ribs on the body of the bait.  It seems to hold big hooks much better and doesn't get as damaged after a fish or two.  Overall, I've been very impressed with the D Bomb and all of the other baits.

A pack is $3.99 from TackleWarehouse and they have plenty of good colors.

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