February 20, 2013

Predicting the Bassmaster Classic Winning Bait

Things are shaping up for this to be a jerkbait bite on Grand Lake. It's been mentioned by all the pundits and pros fishing the event. I think it's going to happen and there have been a few new jerkbaits released.  My predictions also take into account two of the favorites for the event, Jason Christie and Edwin Evers.

Evers recently signed on with Megabass and there is no doubt that the Vision 110 will be on the end of the line for multiple anglers during this event. They came out with a new and improved version, the Ito Vision 110 FX Tour Premium. I got my hands on two of these and will be doing a review of them this spring, My prediction is Evers will make this bait know to the world.

The Smithwick Rattlin Rogue can be considered the granddaddy of modern jerkbaits. My prediction is that local legend Jason Christie will be using the new Perfect 10 Rouge and will play a major role in getting this bait some extra attention.

What do you think? Any other baits that will make some noise?

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