April 15, 2013

A Great Early Season Trip

I had a great day on the water yesterday with Dan from FHC Outdoors. We caught some great smallmouth even though the water is still in the low 40's. Since we have an open tournament coming up in a few weeks, I can't say everything but it was an eye opener for sure and we found a new favorite early season spot.

We started fishing our best areas that always produce and came up empty handed, until we changed our approach. Even though we caught some good fish, overall the day was very slow and if it was not for an hour window we probably would not have caught anything besides multiple squawfish, suckers and a pike Dan caught.

I was catching fish on jerkbaits, specifically the Megabass Vision 110 FX and the new ITO SHINER, while Dan caught his on a Warrior Baits jig. One thing I did differently this time was using mono on my jerkbaits. I had nearly given up on it over the past few years besides topwaters, but the last few trips I have been using 10lb Seaguar Senshi as an experiment for jerkbaits and I like it!  I won't say it's the only way to go, but when it's really cold I think I can get a little slower action on the bait than I can with fluorocarbon since it has more stretch. 

My best three

Dan with a nice smallie

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