July 18, 2013

Protect Your Investments with DuraSafe Locks

This season I have been using a few different products from DuraSafe. All them are locks designed to offer protection for different parts of my boat. I have been using the E-Lock/ Swivel Mount Lock that locks my Lowrance to the bracket and also to my RAM Mount. The other product is a really simple one, the universal coupler lock that keeps my trailer connected to my hitch and at the same time adds theft protection when the trailer is and isn't connected to my truck.

The DuraSafe E-Lock/ Swivel Mount Lock retails for $49.95 if you buy them as a combo, but they can be purchased seperately, or together in a set. One cool thing about getting them at the same time is they will have the same key, which is really nice. The swivel mount comes in three sizes and they had one that was big enough to fit my RAM Mount which is one of the biggest ones they make.

The E-Lock

Swivel Mount Lock

I have not had any issues with this system and love the added security it provides if I am leaving the boat unattended for even a few minutes. I still bring my electronics inside when I am done fishing so I can clean and store them, but it's nice to know I could keep them outside and not worry about it. Also, think of the times when you are driving with your boat and have to stop to get gas or food, or even the times when your boat is tied up to a dock when you are weigh your fish or retrieve your trailer, all of those times are chances for theft. You can be assured that your expensive electronics are safe.

Pros: Peace of mind, ease of use, simplicity, and security.
Cons: Key requires one more step if you need to adjust your electronics direction or tension

The DuraSafe Universal Coupler Lock is a very simple product, basically a lock with a rod that fits right through the trailer coupler. In the past, I had a standard pin that fit through the hole, but it was easily removed and could possibly come out while driving. The wire it was connected to also began to wear and was no longer attached to the trailer. It still worked, but I needed something better. Now, I lock this lock any time my trailer is connected and also when it is being stored. For $9.99, you can't beat it.

A simple idea...that works

Pros: Peace of mind, ease of use, simplicity, and security, PRICE.
Cons: Possibly durability. Too soon to tell however.

Overall I am very pleased with the DuraSafe products, the value and protection they provide. 
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