July 26, 2013

The Storm Arashi crankbaits are in Stock!

While I was walking around ICAST, I ran into Brandon Palaniuk. We chatted for a bit about what's new with Storm and Rapala and the whole time he clutched his new favorite crankbaits in his palm. He was like a proud father showing off these baits and it was with good reason, they are awesome. The styling alone looks like a much more expensive line of baits, the finishes are like many top Japanese baits. They retail for $8.99 and have quality components and the first "self-tuning" line tie I have ever seen. This is big for crankbaits and Brandon swears they allow the bait to stay in the strike zone after deflecting cover, where most crankbaits get out of tune and out of the strike zone after hitting something. The hook hanger is also rotated so you can use bigger hooks and not have to worry about them hanging up with each other.

I'm looking forward to trying them and they are now available to order at TackleWarehouse

Brandon Palaniuk with his prized crankbaits
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