December 2, 2013

Back to My Roots

This Thanksgiving weekend was great, we were able to spend some time with my family and friends in Las Vegas for five days. In between eating turkey, seeing family and friends and also going to a UNLV basketball game, I was able to get out to Lake Mead to do some bass fishing. This is where I grew up and started fishing tournaments when I was a teenager. If you have never been, Lake Mead is a must. You won't always catch huge numbers or giant fish, but the lake is amazing. The water is crystal clear, the rocks and desert landscape are beautiful and you will always be in for a challenge.

The weather was great and the fishing was decent. We only fished until 1:00, but I was able to catch a limit of bass, a mixed bag of both largemouth and smallmouth. I went there knowing I would be drop-shotting so I borrowed one spinning rod. I had a bag of Roboworms and a pocket full of drop-shot weights, which is really all you need to catch a fish there. Other baits will work, but it's hard to beat a drop-shot in the desert.

Evidence of the low water conditions

Miles and miles of rocky, desert shoreline

A keeper largemouth

The smallmouth have really increased over the past few years

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