February 19, 2014

Bassmaster Classic: The Brand New Loomis IMX

Over the past few years the Bassmaster Classic has turned into a mini-ICAST and a great place for companies to release some new products. I wrote about the exciting new Shimano Curado I that is set to be released, but there is also a whole new line of Loomis IMX rods. The IMX has always been a favorite of mine, a kind of mid range (by Loomis standards) rod that is high-end but doesn't cost $400 or more. Loomis has re-designed the GL2 and GLX already and now it is the time for the IMX.

The New IMX!
The already superlight IMX is now 15% lighter due to new blank materials.The Fuji K-Frame guides they are using are also said to reduce weight. This should be very interesting. Here is a little more info about what rod models that will be offered:

The new IMX series – all one-piece - includes nine ‘jig & worm’ casting rods (6’8” – 7’1” – 7’5” lengths), and four ‘jig & worm’ spinning rods (6’8” and 7’1” lengths); three ‘Mag Bass’ casting rods in 6’6” and 7’ lengths; a 7’3” Carolina rig casting rod; four Flip/Punch casting and four swimbait casting rods in 7’6” and 7’11” lengths; two 7’7” umbrella rig casting rods for use with up to 80-pound test PowerPro braid; two 6’9” spinnerbait casting rods; 6’8” topwater and 6’9” jerkbait casting rods; along with two DropShot and one ShakyHead spinning rods in 6’10” lengths.
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