February 20, 2014

Spybaiting Evolution

The "Spy-baiting" trend is here to stay. Since I posted my video in July, it has consistently been the most popular page on the blog and the YouTube views keeps going up. DUO Realis did a great job bringing the Spinbait 80 to the attention of bass anglers across the country and now there are other brands coming out with baits for the technique (or making existing lures available in the U.S. like the Megabass X-Plose). Now Jackall has one as well, the iProp 75 Sinking Double Prop Bait.

Here is a look at the bait:

iProp 75 Sinking Double Prop Bait
A little more info on the new bait: The iProp 75 features two bottom-hanging treble hooks – the rear hook is position so as not to interfere with the rear prop. At 3-inches in lengths, and at 3/10-ounce in weight, the iProp 75 baits are offered in the following colors – wakasagi, bluegill, chartreuse back glitter, ghost minnow, threadfin shad, oikawa and secret shad.

What do you think of the new bait?
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