March 14, 2014

Breaking the Ice

This time of year is exciting for bass anglers in the Northwest. The ice is starting to thaw on the lakes around here and we can finally start fishing for bass. I went out last week and literally had to break through some ice to fish. I didn't catch any bass but we did get some trout on jerkbaits.

I'll be going out tomorrow for an early pre-fish for our Spokane Bass Club tournament that will be in two weeks. That particular lake is still frozen in sections but I want to get as much time in as I can. Here is what I will be throwing this weekend (notice no soft all). What is your favorite early season bait?

  1. Megabass Vision 110+1
  2. Rapala DT-6
  3. Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jr. Jerkbait
  4. Rapala Shad Rap
  5. Megabass Vibration-X Jr. Silent

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