April 23, 2014

Red, Red or Red?

Crankbaits have officially become my favorite bait for spring bass fishing. I know they work, but there is something about them that has been magic this year so far. My tournament partner Dan Rice already did a great recap of our recent tournament (see here) and crankbaits played a big role in catching our fish.

One thing I noticed over the past few weeks was how red toned crankbaits just seem to get bit more this time of year. This happened again at a tournament over the weekend and I know it is not a coincidence. The best bait has been the Rapala DT-6 in Ike's Demon (aka the Bassmaster Classic winning bait), or a color called Red Crawdad. The combination of shape, color, size and action has been key for bass in shallow water getting ready to spawn.

In a little deeper water, I have had success with a whole bunch of baits this spring; the Yo-Zuri Sashimi Deep Diver, the Megabass Deep-X 200T and also the Strike King 3XD. Again, all in red, orange and craw patterns. It can't be a coincidence. See the popularity of the Ike's Demon DT baits.

Throw red cranks if you want high fives with slimy palms

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Red was the key as you see from my pre-fish picture
Pictured is the Yo-Zuri Sashimi Crankbait Deep Diver in Chameleon Crawfish

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