April 10, 2014

Wiggle Wart Mania

If you followed the recent Bassmaster Elite Series event on Table Rock Lake, MO you probably heard about the Original Storm Wiggle Wart. While it is no secret these baits work great on lakes in the Ozarks, they also work great everywhere else. I have been catching them in my area with some custom colors I had painted by Baitwerks. While, I'm not ready to share the colors just yet, they are working and outperforming other colors.

So what makes these baits so great? This is a constant debate on whether or not they are that much better than the newer versions. Some say it is the type of plastic used and some swear that it is the type of rattle (lead vs. stainless steel). I posted a blog in 2009 about them and still believe the "old school" baits are better than the newer ones.

No matter what you think, these baits are catching fish across the country and fetching big money on eBay.

Part of my prized collection of Warts

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