September 19, 2014

Have you heard of NuTech Lures?

Have you heard of NuTech Lures? They have been gaining in popularity lately, I see the name all the time now. They make jigs, bladed swim jigs and spinnerbaits with a unique twist. The dual weedguard is the first thing you will notice and it was designed to help resist snags.

I have been using them off and on all season and have not lost a single jig. Admittedly, I haven't used it as much as some of my other jigs...but the results are very impressive. Looking at the jig (or other NuTech products), you will see the dual weedguards sticking straight out. It is almost like a thick antenna, it bends but easily comes back to the upright position. 

Pro Series NuJig in Crawdad Brown

There are many things to like about the NuTech NuJig; quality paint, excellent skirt colors and a sharp Owner hook. Even if it wasn't designed to be the best snag resistant jig (but it is), it would still be an excellent jig. It retails for $3.99 at TackleWarehouse, which is a fair price and right in line with many other jigs. 

Here is a little more info about the revolutionary design: The NuTech Lures Skirted Jig incorporates a special cam-head design that helps it resist snags and maintain a constant upright position. In addition, the NuTech NuJig Pro Series Skirted Jig is made with two solid rubber weedguards that fold around the point of the hook, unlike fiber weedguards that collapse directly on it. Also, the NuTech NuJig Pro Series Skirted Jig features high-quality skirting, an improved skirt collar, and a baitkeeper barb that will keep your favorite trailers locked in place. Finished with a super-sharp black Owner hook, the NuTech NuJig Pro Series Skirted Jig is built to bass in the boat – plain-and-simple.
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