September 9, 2014

Really Deep Cranking

How deep is deep for cranking? How about 30+ feet? I think anyone would consider that deep. The new Mann's E-Z CRANK 30+ dives 30 feet and the company says it is "Deep Cranking made easy".

E-Z Crank 30+ in Texas Sunrise
The following is the press release about the new deep diver:

Deep diving crankbaits are the hot lure of choice right now and Mann’s just made going deeper a tad bit easier with the introduction of the E-Z Crank™ 30+. Being an innovator in deep diving hard baits, Mann’s has produced a lure designed to reach the same extreme depth as our original 30+, but with over 30% LESS RESISTANCE during retrieval. The patented lip design has been modified to allow the lure to slice through the water with a tighter wiggle, which will allow anglers the chance to fish more without wearing down from the pull of other deep diving lures. Available in 10 fish catching colors (Texas Sunrise shown above) this lure should be a part of every serious angler’s arsenal. 

Suggested retail $10.99

What do you think of the E-Z Crank 30+?
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