December 12, 2014

Rapala and Storm for the Holidays

You can't go wrong with any bait from Rapala and Storm, but there are a few new ones worth your money. They make great gifts for the fisherman you know (or yourself). The following are three new bait lines that are getting some serious attention. I have had great success with all of the Storm Arashi series and just picked up one of the new shallow running version called the Wake Crank. The Scatter Rap is another one with excellent action in the styles and colors you probably already own, just with the added lip design. I haven't personally used the BX Waking Minnow but the BX Minnow (balsa action with extreme durability) is an excellent bait.

Here's a little more detail about the baits:

Sure to fill any angler with holiday cheer, the Rapala® BX™ Waking Minnow is an attention-grabbing topwater bait with a broad waking action that will whip predator fish into a feeding frenzy. Hand-tuned and tank-tested, this lure is as tough as they come. Its lively, ultra-responsive balsa core is complemented by a durable copolymer shell that gives the BX Waking Minnow the ability to get hammered all day long by the toothiest gamefish that the water has to offer. With one cast, anglers will notice the brilliance of the Waking Minnow as it swims just below the surface, flashing and rolling on the retrieve — a presentation that entices big strikes from big Bass, powerful Pike and everything in between. Armed with two VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Treble Hooks and available in six bold color patterns, the BX Waking Minnow will have hawgs jumpin’ day-in and day-out.

Stuff any angler’s stocking full of Scatter Rap® lures and you’ll guarantee a holiday they’ll never forget. When legendary lure manufacturer Rapala® released the series in 2013, the angling world immediately took notice of the lures’ one-of-a-kind “Scatter Lip™”, which gives the baits their celebrated evasive, side-to-side, erratic swimming action. And, it wasn’t just talk. The lures landed an IGFA World Record right off the bat and, during the five-day Scatter Rap Challenge, the lures caught more than 1,000 fish. Now — just when anglers didn’t think it could get any better — Rapala has expanded the Scatter Rap Family with the new Scatter Rap Jointed, the Scatter Rap Crank Deep and Crank Shallow and a new smaller-sized Scatter Rap Shad (No. 5), ideal for a finesse presentation. Cast or trolled, the series comes ready to fish right out of the box with an aggressive swimming motion that perfectly mimics a spooked baitfish fleeing attack. Scatter Rap lures are available in five trusty Rapala body profiles and 18 attractive colors.

With more than 1.5 million lures sold worldwide last year, when anglers tie on a Scatter Rap lure, they’d better have a net at the ready. They’re going to need it.

Designed with insights from 2013 Bassmaster Classic runner-up Brandon Palaniuk, the Storm®
Arashi™ Series gives anglers a host of dynamic cranks that will hook behemoth Bass in any scenario. Expanding the already legendary Arashi lineup, this summer Storm introduced the new Arashi Wake Crank, a hard-rolling lure that swims just below the surface, causing major surface commotion as it creates a large wake that draws the attention of the big, bruising Bass anglers dream of. With the debut of the Wake Crank, the Arashi Series now offers anglers the perfect bait for targeting every part of the water column. Go deep with the Arashi Rattling Deep 10, hit the medium depth range with the Flat 7, pound the shallows with the Rattling Square or Silent Square 3 and 5 or terrorize fish by tying on the Wake Crank for a topwater presentation.

All Arashi lures come equipped for game-changing action with a self-tuning line tie, circuit-board-style lip and rotated hook hangers, and are available in 13 eye-catching color patterns.

When your friends and family start pounding the water after unwrapping an Arashi crank, they’ll credit their newfound angling acumen to a holiday miracle.

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