March 18, 2015

Choosing Your ChatterBait

The Z-Man ChatterBait has been one of my biggest confidence baits for years. It excels in shallow grass (any many other places) and always seems to work well for me in the prespawn period.  Something about the vibration really seems to work for shallow bass, even in colder water temps. Z-Man just released two more designs for the ChatterBait. Here is a rundown of the four I use and what makes each one different from the others.

The original has caught so many fish for me and remains one of my go-to baits. It comes in a variety of colors and is ready to fish right out of the package. While it does not have all of the same features and quality components of the newer models, it is still the easiest to find, has the most color options and is the cheapest.

When the Elite model came out I loved it, and the biggest reason was the hook. A Gamakatsu hook, better colors and thicker blades make this a bait of great quality. They have also incorporated a new line tie for more security compared to the old clips.

The Custom ChatterBait is a new design that features an improved line tie system (Mustad Fastach clips), better durability and best of all a wire keeper for your trailer. They have also improved the looks with improved skirt quality and hand-painted heads. It’s also made in the U.S.A. 

Retail is $6.99 and they are exclusive to Tackle Warehouse.

A look at the wire trailer keeper on the Custom ChatterBait

The Project  Z is the top of the line ChatterBait. It features all of the improvements made on the Custom ChatterBait (including being made in America), but also has a whole new look. The head design is more like a spinnerbait head with 3D eyes and the bait has a quality hook and awesome skirt colors. The skirts are also fuller and have a trailer like appearance with some strands being longer.

The Project Z rigged with a Havoc Pit Boss as a Trailer

Here is a look at the head design, blade connection and line tie of all four of these baits.

L to R Project Z, Custom, Elite and Original

You really can’t go wrong with any ChatterBait from Z-Man, but it is nice to see a variety of options at different budgets.
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