November 3, 2015

Big Ol' Pike

I fished my final bass tournament of the year Sunday and did decent, but not good enough to get a check. It was on one of my favorite lakes, Long Lake which is just north of Spokane. The fishing had been really good. but the wind really affected the way I fished so I spent a good portion of the day throwing a spinnerbait along lily pads. Within five minutes of doing it I caught my biggest bass of the day, a 4.80 largemouth. After that I was throwing it like crazy trying to get another big fish.

I did get another big fish. A really big fish. It just wasn't a bass. Here is the pike I caught on a 1/2 oz Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait with 15lb test Seaguar AbrazX fluorocarbon. This is the same spinnerbait that I caught the big one on and another four pounder in practice. I really like it and will be getting more in the same pattern.

My ruler only went to 18 inches, so me and my partner measured it 18 inches at a time. The final tally was 46 inches and an estimated 25-28lbs. Either way it was more than the 15lb line and was one of the biggest freshwater fish I have ever caught. It gave me an awesome fight from the initial strike to landing it and even after it was in the boat.

Here is my spinnerbait after the battle. 

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