October 20, 2015

Storm Arashi Deep Crankbaits Review

The Storm Arashi series of crankbaits have been great for me since they came out. I have caught fish on several of the different versions they make. The squarebill, the flat version and the wake crank have all worked. The latest to the collection are the Deep 18 and Deep 25 which dive as deep as their names imply.

These were designed with the help of Brandon Palaniuk and they still feature what I think is the best thing about the lineup, the self-tuning line tie. This feature is awesome and if you have ever found yourself trying to tune a sideways diving bait during a hot crankbait bite you will appreciate it even more. The system tunes it self so the bait will run true all the time. They also have rotated hook hangers, which allow for a slightly bigger size of hook without worrying about the two trebles getting caught together.

These super deep divers have giant bills to get them down fast and they easily dive as deep as they say they will, without too much effort really. I used both of the 18 and 25 models and like them both, but the 18 is my favorite so far. The 25 is a giant bait for my area and I’m sure it will produce, but so far the 18 has been the one doing the catching.

Like all of the Arashi baits these have a good selection of colors to choose from and they feature quality hooks.  They are also priced very reasonably in my opinion, from $8.99 to $10.99 at TackleWarehouse.

Here is a little more about them:

From the moment it enters the water, the Storm Arashi Deep dives quickly and gets down to business. Built with a self-tuning line-tie, the Storm Arashi Deep generates a lively, unregulated action that triggers intense reaction bites. The hook hangers on the underside and the rear of the Storm Arashi Deep have both been rotated 90-degrees to keep the hooks closer to the body. This helps discourage snagging and allows for larger hooks to be used. Internally, the Storm Arashi Deep contains a boisterous rattle that provides a deafening pitch as it moves through the water. Backed with premium black nickel VMC treble hooks, the Storm Arashi Deep will have bass chomping at the bit for a taste.

Arashi Deep 10
Arashi Deep 18
Arashi Deep 25

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