December 1, 2015

2015 Bass Fishing Gift Guide - Seaguar Flippin' Line

For the next few weeks I will be sharing some products that I have been using this year. The products I post have my approval based on performance, price, quality and more.  Every item here would make a great gift for the bass angler you are shopping for...or yourself!  

Seaguar is known for their fluorocarbon. They invented it in the 70's, so they know what they are doing.  Their latest offering is a specially designed fluorocarbon and braid for flippin' and pitching heavy cover. Seaguar pro and bass fishing legend Denny Brauer is a household name in the bass fishing world and he is best known for his prowess with flippin' and pitching. He was the one who pushed Seaguar to develop this line and his input was crucial for developing it.

I have used both the braid and fluoro and have been extremely impressed with both. The braid is a solid black color which means you do not have to use your black marker to retouch it. The black coloring lasts and I have not seen widespread fading like you get with other braids.  The braid itself is an 8-strand braid and very thin. It's abrasion resistant and very strong as well. It's a very good choice if you like braid. It comes in 100 yard spools and in both 50 and 65lb test

Seaguar pros were excited about the release of Flippin'
The Flippin' Fluoro is what I used all Fall for pitching heavy cover. Where I live we have clear water and thick cover which is where I like to use heavy fluorocarbon instead of braid due to the water clarity. Like the braid, it comes in 100 yard spools which is a perfect size for two reels if you use backing. 

What I like most about the line is how abrasion resistant it is. I purposely held back from retying one day while fishing this line and went all day without losing a fish or jig due to breaking my jig. I still recommend retying often, but it was crazy to see just how well it held up.

It comes in 20, 25 and 30lb and is the only 30lb mainline fluorocarbon I have ever seen. It may also be a good choice for guys fishing big swimbaits who want to use fluoro instead of braid.

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