December 2, 2015

2015 Bass Fishing Gift Guide - Eco Pro Tungsten Trokar Flipping Jig

For the next few weeks I will be sharing some products that I have been using this year. The products I post have my approval based on performance, price, quality and more. Every item here would make a great gift for the bass angler you are shopping for...or yourself! 

When I find something that works I use it a bunch. One of my top baits over the past three seasons has been the Eco Pro Tungsten Heavyweight Flipping Jig. I literally have a box full of these and have a rod dedicated just for this bait. That’s how much I use literally never leaves that rod. 

When I heard they were redesigning the jig I was worried they would be discontinuing the old one and that I wouldn’t like the new one as much. I was wrong on both thoughts. The old version is still available and I like the new one just as much. 

Here’s what they changed and why I like it so much: 
Tungsten is a big advantage. I know it costs more and some squawk at paying a little more, but the difference is real. Having a smaller profile allows you to get better flips and pitches into tight cover. You can also almost always get away with a heavier model which allows for longer casts and gets the jig to deeper water faster. 

Besides the tungsten factor, the jig is top quality. The new version has three major differences (upgrades) from the previous version. They changed the head design, added a Trokar hook and used a softer weedguard. 

With the new head design, it has more of a pointed head. This allows it to slip into thick cover better and I have found it doubles as a good swimjig, allowing you to vary your retrieve and fish it in different situations without having to switch baits. I like the fact that I can go down the bank, flip and pitch cover and then start swimming it  before the next set of cover to hit..without ever changing rods.

Trokar makes a great jig hook and it is now on the Eco Pro Tungsten Flippin Jig with the new Trokar Flipping Jig. The old hooks were solid, but having Trokars on it makes it even better. The cost is also about the same for the 3/8oz model $4.99 vs $5.99 on the new version. The price goes up for the bigger sizes, but it is great to see that the sizes now go up to a full ounce.

The final difference I have found between the two versions is the weedguard. On the old version and for most brands of jigs, I trim a couple pieces off of the weedguard to make it more flexible. What they used in this jig already seems to be the right flexibility without having to trim back any pieces. 

The colors offered are really all you need, they make it in six great colors and to me their selection covers all the water colors I would need it for. It comes in five sizes from my favorites 3/8 and 1/2oz all the way up to the 1oz version for the heavy flippers in places like Florida. 

Good job Eco Pro, another solid jig.
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