January 15, 2016

BIOVEX Kolt Fish Tail and Shad Tail

This past fall I began experimenting with a few baits from Biovex in their Kolt lineup. The 4" Shad Tail and 4" Fish Tail were awesome and the smaller 3" versions worked great too. 

The 4" version of both baits
These baits can be fished a number of ways but really excel on a drop-shot.  There are plenty of options for soft plastics, but I really liked fishing these because of their shape, action and the fact that they have air pockets in them.  This makes a big difference on a drop-shotting as it keeps your bait elevated instead of sinking towards your weight.

Biovex is a Japanese company and the baits were developed in a land of pressured fish and where finesse fishing rules.  The Kolt Fish Tail as seen below has a very slight action and looks like a small baitfish. I had my best luck on the natural colors like green pumpkin and also the crazy, bright colored baits like the firetiger pattern.

Green Pumpkin Kolt Fish Tail in action

I was surprised at first how well this color did

These baits have definitely made it into my arsenal for drop-shotting and I plan to try them both on small jigheads this spring for finicky cold water fish. You can see the whole Biovex lineup and color choices here.
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