December 10, 2015

2015 Bass Fishing Gift Guide - Optimized Lock-n-Haul Transom Saver

For the next few weeks I will be sharing some products that I have been using this year. The products I post have my approval based on performance, price, quality and more. Every item here would make a great gift for the bass angler you are shopping for...or yourself! 

The Lock-n-Haul is an excellent choice for someone looking for an alternative to standard transom savers. There are many benefits to using this product: lightweight, easy to store and it completely secures your engine. 

I have been using a Lock-n-Haul for over three years and have not had any problems with it. They recently came out with a newer version, which is even better than the already good original product. The key changes were changing the materials to prevent possible rust and adding an aluminum plate to secure it even more. 

Here is more info from Lock-n-Haul and a video below on just how easy it is to use. Check them out at Lock-n-Haul for more information and to purchase.
  • The Lock-n-Haul® motor toter - transom saver replacement is the world's first and only 4-point inline load universal fit outboard boat motor support made specifically for trailering. It easily adjusts to fit ALL outboard motor brands including most models and sizes with power tilt systems, on ANY BOAT. Width of setback or jackplate don't matter at all. 
  • The Lock-n-Haul® doesn't need flimsy ‘steering clips’ that keep your motor straight (but not rigid)…. it has no moving parts to wear out….no welds to crack and loose, weak, (offset shear point load) spring-loaded pins, that move and bend and allow the motor to shake….and it has no (short life) rubber cups, that have to be fully compressed to even begin to stop the motor from shaking. Unlike Lock N Stow or Motormate - "Compare it to any other product" 
  • Nothing does a better job at any price. 
  • The Lock-n-Haul® is a one piece device that completely stabilizes the outboard motor and stops all harmful motor movement, by locking both the tilt and steering pivots. Convenient to stow in a small boat compartment when not in use. 
  • The Lock-n-Haul® is 100% machined to be a tough compact (13"x9"x1" footprint), lightweight (less than 1 pound), simple and effective device, and carries a two year warranty against manufacturing and material defects. 
  • Includes a quick clip safety cable as a retaining lanyard. Made with specific materials that offer superior anti-corrosion protection that won't rust and is safe in both fresh and saltwater environments.
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