February 10, 2016

Randy Howell Signature Series Do-It Molds

Over the past few years I have started to pour my own jigs and weights.  I decided to start this little hobby as a way to pass some time in the winter and stock up on things that I tend to lose a bunch of. Dropshot weights, football heads and shaky heads are things that I lose all the time. I have found that it is much easier to pour huge quantities at once and it also saves quite a bit of money in the long run. 

My latest molds from Do-It Molds are part of the Randy Howell Signature Series. They came out with a cool underspin and the Finesse and Magnum Shaky Head jigs. I chatted with Randy today for another article I am working on and asked him for the story of theses new molds.  It was interesting to hear the backstory and after chatting with him, it makes tons of sense.

Some Finesse Shaky Heads during my last pour session
The molds he put together with Do-It Molds are things he has been using for years with the help of one of his buddies who makes custom pours for him.  He brought it to the market with Do-It because he wanted a big shaky head he could use with a big baitcast rod and heavy line. It also had to have a big hook and land fish better than the rest of the shaky heads on the market. "The Magnum size is really the perfect setup for ledge fishing and power fishing. I'll use a 7.5" Yamamoto Kut Tail for the Magnum Shaky Head and for the Finesse Shaky Head I use a 5" Yamamoto Pro Senko or 6.75" Long Pro Senko. That long hook on both of them is just so much better for hooking fish," Howell said.  

He also talked about something that everyone who uses a shaky head has witnessed, they tend to lose fish. Howell claims that he gets much better hooksets the 7/0 or 8/0 Gamakatsu 604 round bend heavy wire hook.  The lighter finesse shaky head allows for a Gamakatsu 111 in a 3/0-5/0, which is just as stout compared to other shaky head hooks.

The other key to this mold is the recessed line tie.  "Most of the time when you break off a shaky head it is right at the knot and this solves that problem.  The design is also very weedless and goes through brush really well," he added.
Here are some specs on the two shaky head molds:
Randy on his signature series:

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