February 26, 2016

Gill OS22 Jacket and Bibs Review

This review is a long time in the making for me.  Some items like rods, reels and baits are fairly to review after a few trips.  You can tell right away about some gear and whether you like it or not.  I did like the Gill OS2 bibs and jacket right away, but the true test was fishing with it in bad conditions.  I wore the gear throughout the fall and early winter and then a few times this winter walleye fishing and can say I love it now.

I decided on Gill after months of research and I am glad I did.  My last suit was from was good, it lasted nearly ten years. Getting a good set of raingear is a big decision but making the right one can help you for years to come.  What I liked about Gill was the focus on sailing and extreme cold weather.  Most of their gear is used by people in sailing competitions and other water related events. I thought if it works for them, fishing would be easy.

Here is a quick rundown of how Gill describes it:

A versatile performer capable of standing up to the toughest offshore and coastal conditions while keeping you dry and comfortable. The new OS2 is made from our hydrophobic, laminated moisture-management fabric that’s 100% waterproof and windproof, also featuring a hydrophilic coated layer that transports moisture away from the skin. This durable 3 Dot fabric, creates an incredibly waterproof, windproof and breathable protective shell. This range is everything an offshore coastal suit needs to be.

There are several things I like about this suit and comfort is among the first on the list.  I have fished with it with just regular clothes on below it and also with several layers of warm clothes in the winter and it fits just right no matter what.  It's 100% wind and waterproof so I have yet to get wet underneath the jacket or feel cold when I layered properly.

The faceguard, hood and wrist cuffs all fit snugly and are easy to adjust if needed.  It also has a thermal fleece inner collar which helps keep me warm on cold days.  These small things make a difference and help make this the best suit I have ever owned.

It also has ample storage in the pockets.  I like to keep my bags of soft plastics in there when I get on a good bite for a certain bait so I don't have to go far for another one.  I have also fished with gloves in the pockets without any discomfort.  

The matching bibs are just as great as the jacket. I prefer the bibs to keep me warm and they are the perfect match to the jacket in terms of their water and wind proofing.

Overall I am really happy with my purchase of the Gill OS2 Jacket and bibs.  They look great, but more importantly they are top quality and have kept me warm and dry.
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