March 1, 2016

Rapala Shadow Rap Shad: A First Look

Lure companies have been releasing quite a few new products right before the Bassmaster Classic that starts later this week. It has sort of become a tradition over the past few years and Rapala has been one that has done a good job releasing exciting things right when most bass anglers are getting their seasons started. It has been the Scatter Rap, then the Shadow Rap and now this year it is the Shadow Rap Shad.

After watching the video and reading the press releases, I am pretty excited about this one.  The Shadow Rap has proven to be a great bait for me.  I have caught some nice fish on it.  Here is what Rapala pro Brandon Palaniuk said about the new bait in the family. “Not gonna lie – I’m pretty pumped about this bait,” he says. A game-changing, all-season jerkbait, the Shadow Rap Shad triggers fish in three ways – on the kick, on the slow rise, and with a snap back to life."

So what makes it so good?  According to Rapala pros, it has a unique action. Slightly shorter and fatter than the original Shadow Rap. It is a shad profiled bait that also features textured scales.  It comes in two models, a 3-4ft diver and the Deep version that will get down to 5-6ft. I think both of these will have their time and place. Both are 3 1/2 inches long and 3/8oz. 

Deep Version

I'll looking forward to getting a few of these and putting them to the test. Our jerkbait season is coming up quick, so I plan to grab a few at the Classic.

The new Shadow Rap Shad are available in all 14 original Shadow Rap color patterns, as well as 10 new patterns: 
  • Crush Elite Blue 
  • Haymaker 
  • Olive Drab 
  • Purple Haze 
  • Gone 
  • Halloween 
  • Imposter 
  • Molten Copper 
  • Tropic Ice 
  • The original Shadow Rap color patterns are: Albino Shiner, Blue Back Herring, Blue Ghost, Bone, Bud, Carbon, Clown, Ghost, Ghost Shiner, Moss Back Shiner, Olive Green, Purpledescent, Silver and Yellow Perch. 

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