June 27, 2016

Moses Lake TBF Recap - 3rd Place

Well....I finished in 3rd place at Moses Lake this weekend. I am happy about it, especially after my practice and the fact that I had never fished this lake for bass. Here's how it went down and what I used to finish where I did.

I had some general ideas of places to check out and hit those first.  After a few hours of nothing, I got a largemouth up shallow on a Z-Man Custom Chatter Bait with a Strike King Rage Menace Grub as a trailer.  I fished several more places like it and never got another bite.

My buddy came and met me at 1:00 to pre-fish for a few hours.  We caught a few cranking with shallow divers all the way down to the 6XD.  I was scratching my head and decided to take a minute to look at my maps.  Moses Lake is a generally a shallow lake and finding water that was 15-20ft close to docks was my target area and we ran some of those and started catching smallmouth.

Day 1
We started on a rocky flat and then hit some bridge pilings and came up with nothing. Then I ran to one of my deeper rocky areas and my non-boater caught two right away. After a few more passes through the area we ran to another rocky area my non-boater knew about.  It was 9:05 when we arrived and at 9:31 I dropped my fifth keeper in the livewell.  It was fast and furious with a Roboworm on a drop shot.  We caught several more and then it slowed down.  

My next plan was to go target largemouth where I got the one in practice.  We fished and fished for them with nothing to show for it and then my non-boater caught a 4.75lber that ended up being big bass for the non-boaters.  After that we fished about a mile of shoreline and stumbled onto a rocky point.  With 20 minutes to go I caught two, he caught one and then I lost another. We ran out of time.

I was cranking a Norman Middle N and a ima Pinjack in craw colors on an Abu Garcia Villain 2.0, 7' medium rod, Revo MGX reel and 12lb Seaguar Tatsu

I weighed 14.76lbs and was sitting in 4th.

Day 2
I started where we left off the day before. Good call. In the first half hour I caught a walleye and both myself and non-boater each had three keeper smallies.  I was using the same cranks and my non was using a squarebill.

It was a short day with a 1:00 weigh-in and I fished my other Day 1 spot over and over and over and was able to round out my limit and cull a few times.  As you can see....we pounded the area.

I'd show you the pics of the cranks I was using, but the are wedged between some rocks somewhere on Moses Lake. I lost tons of gear this weekend.

This box was jam packed before this tournament
My Day 2 weight was 10.75lbs and I moved up to 3rd!

Here is my VLOG from the event.

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