September 19, 2016

Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg Jr. Review

I've fished the Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg a few times over the past few years and generally really like it. It walks easily, comes in a bunch of good colors and is priced right.  Recently, I have been using the Jr. version and think I like it even more.

One of my favorite topwaters is pictured below with the Sexy Dawg Jr. and they are both about the same size. This bait is 3.75" and weighs 1/2 oz. It is a size that I really like for smallmouth and that is part of the reason I like the Jr. version of Strike King's topwater.

Another thing I liked about it is how it sits in the water.  This is one thing I always look at with topwaters and the ones that I like most sit with just half of the body out of the water.  It really seems to help draw strikes while it is sitting and then changes the action as you start to walk it again.

At $7.99, it is a steal in the topwater world. Many of my other baits cost twice or three times as much. The price alone makes this bait worth a shot.  Besides that, it walks easily and has a really good sound as it is retrieved.  

With the cheaper price comes slightly less quality in terms of paint and finish.  It is not going to have the high end Japanese finishes you may be used to. On the other hand though, how much do bass even see of the finish on a topwater?  

Overall, this is a solid bait for the price. I have caught several fish on the Bone colored bait (pictured above) and am going to try out more of the colors as fall topwater season heats up.

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