October 4, 2016

10XD Hook Replacement

I learned the hard way about not replacing my hooks on a 10XD. I lost a few big ones and knew I had to do something about it. After doing some online research and asking around, I switched them all to the Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip trebles in the 2/0 size. The shorter shank allowed me to go up in size and they didn't tangle together.

The 10XD is a fun bait to throw and don't be afraid to throw it just about anywhere. I was able to catch smallmouth on it as well as a few big walleye. It works anytime you want to reach deep bass with a crankbait. I was even catching small, 1.5lb smallmouth on it so it works for more than just monster fish.

Having the right gear is crucial though. A normal cranking rod might not be enough to handle it. Here is the setup I'm now using for it.

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