November 29, 2016

Strike King Popping Perch Review

This review is a little different than any other I have ever done. I have never used the Strike King Popping Perch. Before you stop reading let me explain. I own this bait and spent a few hours in the boat with Greg Hackney while he fished it and talked about it. Honestly, watching it in action and getting the following footage gave me a much better appreciation of what this bait can do.

I saw this bait at ICAST 2016 and didn't really give it much thought. It looked kind of like a popping frog except it was flatter. The bait also has a long tail section that looked more like a fish tail instead of the two frog "legs" made of skirt material. In the water both of these things allow it to skip easily, walk side-to-side and look like a fleeing baitfish.

It is a much more versatile bait than a standard frog in my opinion. You can do it all with the bait. If you can cast and skip well, it is easy to put it in those hard to reach places.

Watching Hackney in action and then again watching the footage while editing this video taught me a bunch. If you watch you can see how he makes repeated casts to the same general area. He also works it just past the target and then retrieves it quickly back to the boat. There is no wasted time. This is something I plan to incorporate into all of my topwater fishing from now on.

Price and Specs:
The Strike King Popping Perch retails for $8.99, which is about average for a good frog-type bait. The specs are also pretty similar. 1/2 oz. size, sharp double hook and everything else you have come to expect. The body of the bait is 2.5 inches and with the tail it measures in at 5.5 inches long. A decent sized bait that will be appealing to big and small bass. 

After seeing this bait in action I will definitely be giving it a shot.
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